Would a 5000+ bottleneck at 4670?


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Sep 28, 2001
I only play a few games, and only at 720p resolutions on my TV (1366*768 or 1024*768), so the 4670 runs all my games fine (NHL 09, Guitar Hero III, Bully, San Andreas, Call of Duty 4, NBA 2K9)

I plan on getting GTA 4. I only beat about 20% on a 360 so want to do it all (my 360 died, sold it all to help build the HTPC). Anyways, GTA 4 recommends a 3870, so Im sure my 4670 will play fine at my resolutions.

Anyways, at the time, I got the 5000+ for $55. Would this bottleneck a 4670 at all? Just wondering...I know its not the most powerful card out there, but it plays my games at Max on my 52" TV and thats all I can ask for, so why spend more right?

Anyways, would It be worth for me to invest in a Phenom at some point?

The PC is used for the games above, blu rays, mkv and mp3s. nothing else.



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Nov 28, 2007
No, I don't think there is any bottleneck. Actually, these two parts are a very good match.