Workplace Common Sense-less

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Nov 20, 2009
This week I spent a moment thinking about how some folks in the workplace just lack the common sense to know when they are lucky to have a job.

One would also tend to think common sense at the minimum would lend itself to not repeating the same mistake twice, or at least not in so short period of time. Training, and re-training (x3) simply wasn't enough to replace the minimum common sense in this one worker.

As a result, this fool lost his job. The job isn't challenging. Its rather easy. Just need some organization skills, and the ability and desire to pay attention to detail. Its a cubicle job that I can train almost anyone to do.

So, you cause an outage, and a big one. The outage the fool caused wasn't the first one, but it was the first one that reached so high into the stratosphere as to get the attention of my boss, his boss, his boss' boss, and the boss above him. It was so bad it will come with an FCC fine.

All because this fool thought paying attention was optional and even when the fool recognized he was causing an outage decided it was ok to repeat it 22 more time and make the outage 23 times as bad as it could have been. I wonder if he worked for the enemy.

You can beat the monkey with the banana and if he's an idiot monkey he'll just take the beating.
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