Words I had to make up for English.. **Funny**


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Apr 2, 2000
Ok she told us to make up some words and then later on were are going to have to use them in an essay. Enjoy.

Note: Some are inside jokes so don't expect to understand all of them

1. Sloth - a slow minded person.
2. Quack - a person who talks with a southern accent.
3. Dawg - a person who doesn't understand what race he is.
4. Hottie - a guy or gal you think is extremely good looking
5. Buta - a male that has an extreme amount of fat around the chest and stomache area.
6. Charles - a name for an imaginary friend that little kids make up when they are bored.
7. Behemoth - a male or female with hair on areas of their body where there is not supposed to be.
8. BB-a person stuck in a child's mind or cries about stupid things,
9. Biztch - a female that is snotty, stuckup, cocky, or think she is smart but really is an idiot.
10. lifer - a person who has been in school excessive years in order to pass highschool.
11. Mugly - a person that is extremely ugly and sometimes when looking at the person you have an urge to vomit.
12. Potato - a person who has extreme views of a sport but does not do any sports at all.
13. MuzicPhreak - a person who listens to crappy music really loud and periodically sings to it when using headphones.
14. Facker - a person you extremely dislike
15. Bass - an idiot
16. cack - a person who is mean to you for no particular reason
17. bop - a person who listens to boy bands
18. steamer - a person who produces extreme stenches in the restroom.
19. biter - a person who will bite you when fighting
20. nef - a person who talks randomly just to hear his/her own voice.
21 later - a delivery guy/gal that is extremely late and delivers either cold food or the wrong food
22. yap - a person who makes random annoying noises just for the fun of pissing someone else off.
23. albino - a person who is extremely pale all over his/her body.
24. pudg - a person who has at least 1 inch of fat completely all over his/her body
25. yapper - a person who sings random awful songs while in the shower.
26. Motard - a person who moves his body randomly in a retarded way just to pass time.


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Nov 5, 2000
Motard - a person who moves his body randomly in a retarded way just to pass time.