WOOT OFF IN PROGRESS Friday thru ???


Feb 8, 2003
woot off at the woot spot...

first item bicycle cup holder for 29.99

second item Saitek WOW Wireless Controller Adapter for PS2 4.99

third item 1/10 Scale R/C Opal Roadster $9.99

fourth item Whistler 1770A Radar Detector $49.99

fifth item HP IPOD 40GB iPod+HP 40GB $279.99

sixth item Lentek Wine Genie Bottle Opener $14.99

seventh item FIC Barebone System ICE-Brick VG61 $99.99

eighth item Z-Cyber Air-Wave FM Transmitter $9.99

ninth item Altec Lansing ADA425 3 Piece Speaker System $12.99
not speakers i was waiting for... but still worth it and snagged em.

tenth item BFG MX420 64MB PCI Video Card with VGA and TV Out $12.99

eleventh item WOOT action pack of some sort... site crashed on this one... 5 minutes later we were off to the second 11th item

11th item #2 Uniden TRU4485-2 2.4GHz Dual Handset Speakerphone $34.99

Whither the lowly land line? Once king of communication innovations, now lost in the ever-faster blur of new remote devices, the regular old telephone has had to scramble to regain its supremacy. The result is uber-mega-ultra-phones like this one, packed with more features than a suburban multiplex.

Consider this Uniden dual-handset speakerphone gizmo. It speaks more languages than you do, with menus in French, Spanish, and English. It has a better memory than you do, remembering the last 100 calls you?ve received while you can barely remember what you had for breakfast. It has more vocal range than you do, with four melody ringers and six ringtones. It?s even better looking than you!

So take it home. Plug it in. Make your calls. Get your messages. Avoid your creditors. Just don?t introduce it to your girlfriend.

Condition: recertified, retail box
2.4 GHz Digital Spread Spectrum Technology
Complete Dual Handset System
Digital Answering System ? no tapes, moving parts, or tiny elves who live inside the phone and recite your messages in the voices of your friends
Dual Keypad/Speakerphone
Caller ID/Call Waiting
Handset to Handset Call Transfer
Tri-Lingual Caller ID Display Menus
Handset LCD screen
Base LED/LCD screen
Illuminated keypads
Phone Book Memory
One Touch RocketDial (not recommended for pregnant women or callers with heart conditions)
100 Dynamic CID/Memory Locations
Headset Jack (wasn?t old, but he was a man?)
Distinctive Ring Tones ? 4 Melody Ringer and 6 Ring Tones
Handset Status LED
Last Three Number Redial
Any Key Answer
Battery Life ? 10 Day Standby, 6 Hour Talk

once those dell *5.1 speakers hit.... they are soo mine


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Feb 6, 2004
Its now a 1/10 scale Opal RC car. I'm waiting on those Dell 5 piece speakers.


Apr 16, 2004
wow i made a thread about this in ot (asking about r/c cars not listing this) i wonder whats the diff between a 15$ car and them 200$ ones.. this looks kinda fun but its so cheap its scary to buy =T


Mar 28, 2003
hmm... mp3 player. quite tempting. i might get it if its not sold out after i go to the toilet and take a crap. let nature decide this w00t


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Jun 14, 2004
The mp3 unit is hard drive based :thumbsdown: I will stick with my dell dj.