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With Multi-Beam Receiver, SETI@home Takes Giant Step Forward


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Jan 13, 2003
SETI@home Update, August 14, 2006
By Amir Alexander

It has been two years now since the seven pronged multi-beam receiver was hoisted above the Arecibo radio telescope and installed in the Gregorian dome, 500 feet above the surface of the dish. During this time the new receiver had become an inseparable part of the regular operations at Arecibo, providing a new and indispensable resource for teams of scientists from around the world. But it was only two months ago that members of the SETI@home team headed down to Arecibo to join the fray. In seven intense days spent at the radio telescope Chief scientist Dan Werthimer and his colleagues completely overhauled the way SETI data is gathered at Arecibo, and ensured that SETI@home will henceforth enjoy the benefits of gathering data with the most advanced equipment anywhere in the world.

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it is going to the next step...

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