Wisdom tooth or serious problem? Are there any dentists around?


Jun 24, 2001
I'm 23, and I didn't get my 12th year molars until I was 16-18 (I forget).

Anyway, my teeth are generally good, clean, cavity-free, etc. I visit the dentist when I can afford it, which ends up being once every year or two. Until I was 18, that was every six months (Regular teeth cleaning) ;)

So, at least a couple years ago, I think I had some movement on my wisdom teeth. I got a tooth mostly exposed in the upper right corner (But it doesn't reach or line up with the level of the other teeth) and totally exposed and fully extended on the upper left corner. Months to a year later, I had a blister in the lower-right corner. I thought it was na infection of some kind but I eventually realized that it was just my wisdom tooth. I have a tiny hole in my gum and I can feel the corner of a tooth poking out (With my tounge or a utensil) but I can't see it. I can see the hole. But the left side of my mouth remained unchanged. Months ago, I got a swelling there which caused me considerable pain because I could not stop biting my cheek. I assumed that it was BECAUSE I continually bit the cheek and the swelling was causing me to pinch the "general area." I never made the association that a wisdom tooth could be pushing the gum up and causing me to "chew" it against the partially extended wisdom tooth above. Honestly, I don't see how because it shouldn't be able to touch the bottom gum. I could see a little black mark like a surface bruise on my cheek leading me to believe that it was the source of the slight swelling/pain. It eventually went away a few weeks later and I could resume eating and closing my mouth like mormal. It's been about six to eight months, but I woke up the other day and found the gum "swollen" and myself unable to close my mouth without "chewing" the gum. It actually took me a couple days to realize that it could be a tooth pushing upwards.

Anyway, if it is a wisdom tooth causing it (What are the chances? ;)), what should I do? There is no way in hell I can afford a dentist visit for another ear or two and I don't think it will ever pierce the surface without being able to "teeth" on another tooth. I'm thinking about using an X-acto knife to cut a slit over it in the gum, but I'm worried about damaging the tooth enamel.

BTW, the dentists always say I do a good job flossing and that I should continue when I NEVER FLOSS ;) Genetic tooth alignment slices even the thinnest and / or strongest floss and slices my gums up if I manage to snap it between the only four teeth it will force through (The pressure when an apple peel somehow wedges in there is unbearable! All the teeth on that row are pressed against eachother tighter than they possibly can be!)


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Aug 4, 2001
Well.... Im no dentist, but I worked in the dental equipment and supply business for many years.

My advice would be to have a friend take a pair of VISE GRIP pliers and YANK that baby out of your head! :D


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Jul 28, 2001
if your teeth are really tightly packed then a wisdom tooth, particularly an impacted one, can really f' up your teeth and become easily infected b/c you can't clean back there by yourself w/ a toothbrush. Prolly go see a dentist or oral specialist and run away before you have to pay :D


Nov 13, 2003
my wisdom teeth grew in and they were really no problem until my one inscisor start to push out then i had to get them removed befor my teeth went british style... unless you want to go hugh grantish id suggest dentite