wireless drops conneciton except in Counter-Strike


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Sep 25, 2000
my friend has a laptop with a wireless NIC. His file dowloads, AIM, almost everything cuts out constantly every few minutes. Counter-Strike on the otherhand works non-stop flawlessly. Not even so much as sudden packetloss.

My hypothesis was that due to a "feature" in WinXP, it was constantly searching for a better WLAN and caused him to drop his connection. The new hypothesis is that XP won't search for a new network if UDP/IP is active.

I can have his machine constantly ping yahoo! and that isn't enough to keep his connection alive. I turned off the feature of WinXP constantly looking for a new WLAN and that worked, but only last about 7 hours before the process repeated itself.

I've got a driver for him to try (but I can't guarantee it's newer than the one he has), and I intend to make sure I've still deactivated WLAN searching when he wakes up. But does anyone else have any other ideas?

His sister has the *exact* same laptop, but no problem. His signal strength in his bedroom is typically 3 out of 5 bars, or "Good".


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Jun 21, 2001
what nic? what router? check the manufacturer's web site for firmware updates and driver updates for the nic and the router.

maybe the sister's laptop has the updated firmware/driver...does she have xp as well? does she have the same nic? can you swap nics to see if the problem follows the card?