Wired Vs. Wireless Keyboard For Imac


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Jun 26, 2006
I'm thinking about getting a 20" Imac. I'm trying to decide between wired vs. wireless keyboard.

The wireless keyboard will certainly be handy, since I will be using the same space on my desk for studying, and it can be moved quicky, without having to handle any cables.

However, I was concerned about two things. First, is there lag with the wireless keyboard? I play games sometimes. Also, I was mainly concerned about whether the keyboard would fail completely in a trouble shooting situation. I know wired keyboards are recognized directly by the hardware, and can configure BIOS, safe mode, fdisk, etc. or their Mac equivalents, but isn't the wireless keyboard only recognized by the OS software? I thought that might be a problem.


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Aug 31, 2003
they work but firstly plugging in a receiver into usb so when ever that has power the PC errr Mac will get a signal from the keyboard (as long as it has power via batt) so it will work with bios and such. Um what else, ah yeah i had one years ago and played games and never noticed a lag in games, shouldnt be a problem but not 100% sure. My wireless mouse died, and i figure a keyboard could too but it shouldnt, but can run out of battery. I may move to a wireless keyboard soon not sure though.


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Sep 15, 2004
The wireless Apple keyboard is bluetooth based and all macs (except the Mac Pro) come with Bluetooth standard. Also, I have never encountered an issue with using the older wireless keyboard before teh OS loaded for purposes of booting off of discs or switching OSes.