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Wired and Wireless networked Internet in Win 10 stops, local pings still work, but not external pings, tracert partially works...


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Jul 24, 2000
I have an older Lenovo g580 laptop that is having weird network issues. Here are the symptoms:
1) After a few hours the laptop can't talk to the internet anymore.
2) This issue occurs on both the wired and wireless network.
3) To fix the issue I can either unplug and plug the network cable back in or re-establish the wireless connection.
4) After the internet stops working I am still able to do local pings (192.168.x.x) just fine.
5) Pings to internet sites do not work.
6) Tracert partially works, for instance if I tracert google it goes 5 hops but then stops saying request timed out. Tracert works fine on other win 10 systems.
7) No other systems on the network have this issue.

I figure it has to be some service or something crapping out after a while on the system since the issue happens over both wired and wireless connections.
For troubleshooting I tried manually assigning DNS hosts, that didn't work. I also disabled all of the "put to sleep" functions for the network adapters, that didn't help.

How can I determine what is occurring and fix it?


Nov 4, 2004
I'll take a stab at this. The biggest points that stand out are:

1. This is the only machine having the problem
2. It affects both WLAN and LAN
3. Local pings still work

It's certainly an odd issue. If I were doing PD, here's what I would do, after making sure I backup data (if you haven't already)

Boot a Linux Live disk, probably a version of Ubuntu, and see if the problem still happens.
-If it doesn't, then probably not a hardware issue, and likely a windows issue. Reload Windows
-If it does happen in Linus, the laptop is probably on the way out.

You can perform the above steps with a different hard drive install in the laptop as well.


Aug 25, 2001
I know that this is going to sound weird, but check the "Parental Controls" section of Windows, I believe that with those tools offered, Windows can control the hours of internet access.

When this happens, is it roughly around the same time each day?

Also check this setting, if you are running a 3rd-party A/V / firewall "security suite".


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Oct 25, 1999
Also check this setting, if you are running a 3rd-party A/V / firewall "security suite".
Yeah, if you have 3rd party Security software get rid of it. In Win 10, their only existence is to provide additional income to the third party dealers.



Aug 25, 2001
The symptoms do seem consistent with what one would experience with some sort of "Security Suite / Firewall / Parental Controls" software, access to the internet for a limited time period, or within limited hours of the day, but unfettered access to the rest of the LAN.

Was this PC previously used in a classroom, or as a Kiosk?
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Feb 6, 2002
I was having some network issues a while back. I have a Cable networking setup. The connection would be lost from time to time and sometimes it would slow down. However, the wireless router and the cables in the house were not at fault. Often the local networking was fine and the problem was not apparent. I called Spectrum, my provider for a service call. They sent out two vans to check on it. One vehicle was for local service inside the house and the other was to test the connection from the telephone pole. It was determined that there was not a good crimp on the cable that attached to the outside of the house. The wind would blow and the connection would be dropped or the ground would be affected causing connection errors slowing down my connection. They also updated my Networking Hardware inside the house; replacing the cable modem and router/Switch. They did a very good job for me.