WinXP error 1606....


Junior Member
Dec 12, 2001
lo all i just updated from win 98 to xp home edition and one of the proggys that didnt make the switch was 3dstudio 4. it said that it would have to be re-installed for win xp so i tried and it said it would have to be uninstalled first so i tried and it said insert disk so i did this and it came up with the error

"error 1606 cant access network location "::\documents and settings\all users\desktop".

so i deleted the folder and removed all the keys from the regestry but it says the same error when i try and re-install, ive been told that it is looking for an install string that has no spaces in it but i cant change the 'documents and settings' folder name, ive tried changing the keys in the 'shell folders' extension of the windows thing of the registry and that hasnt helped either.
ne 1 know what i can do?
really need to get back to my modeling :eek:
cheerz for n e help u can giv me