Windows XP 32-bit can't boot UEFI SB mb?

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by nenforcer, Jan 13, 2011.

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    Does anyone know if its possible to boot Windows XP 32-bit on a UEFI enabled Sandy Bridge motherboard?

    From what I read the only Microsoft Operating Systems to support UEFI were the special Windows XP 64-bit editions for the Itanium processor only and now Windows Vista, 7 and Server 2008 editions.

    Does this completely rule out Windows XP 32-bit or are there other workarounds to some how make a UEFI system BIOS-compatible?

    I've read some things about coreboot and SeaBIOS for Linux, but none of these would apply to Windows XP, obviously.
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    This should be made a sticky or something - keeps coming up
    Already answered here in two dif posts
    EFI bios mobo are bisexual - they will go either way
    All P67 mobo are EFI
    They have to be or they would lock out 75% of their current market
    EFI is Intel's spec
    They will work in any Windows XP VISTA or 7 X86 or X64
    If you want to use XP then you just partition regularly MBR MSDOS 63 Sector 512B
    If you want EFI, you have to partition GPT
    In windows, when you install to a fresh or formatted drive with no partitions there will be a little checkbox for GPT. If you check it, Win 7 will probe the bios to see if its a go. If yes, you will then be in 34th sector GPT with protected partitions for MBR legacy. Or you can use gparted. I know of no current third party parttioning sw that has GPT option - tho i have as yet never used them with a P67 mobo new HDD..

    To use EFI GPT you will have to pass thru several doors
    Win 7 X64
    GPT partition
    EFI compatible mobo bios
    AHCI (you must be ON the intel chip)
    Latest vers 10 series Intel chipset drivers that support big drives

    The only reason for EFI is we have passed the 32bit ADDRESSING limit for LBA
    2^32 X 512B or 2.19TB. Its all about big drives and partitioning - noithing else.