Question Windows not loading after dust cleaning


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Aug 23, 2022
So, my problem is that my desktop is not loading once I start the computer.

The problem started after I dust cleaned my computer, I unplugged everything and cleaned everything. After I put everything back together it kept beeping, but it was a problem with the ram, so I took the ram out and put it bacck in one by one and it worked.

After this, when I started the computer it showed me this message: “Reboot and select proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device”

So I switched the boot priority to another one, it started after this and at first it showed a blue screen and the code was something like this (I don’t remember it perfectly): “switch boot device”.

After it restarted it repaired by itself, it finally started well, windows booted up, but when it opened some of the icons were missing and others showed the white rectangle, like the file is deleted.

And from there it turns the screen to a blue, and the taskbar keeps appearing and dissapearing, and from time to time the screen flickers like I refresh it.



What can I do?

Is the problem from the storage disk?

Will it fix if I reinstall windows?

Thanks for the help!


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Feb 21, 2008
"I unplugged everything" .......

Normally when I do cleaning, I dont unplug everything unless Im having to do trouble shooting because of a cleaning. Once in a while due to cleaning, a wire or cable is accidentally dislodged in such way that the computer mis-behaves upon startup.

Once this happens, then I go thru it (ie, the computer innerds), pulling PCI cards & HDD/storage connectors, cleaning the contacts with Deoxit, then re-inserting/connecting everything back.

You may want to now do the same.

Also hopefully you didnt do cleaning with a pressurized air can but instead used vaccum. (Pressurized spray can blow dust into plugs and connectors and fan bearings. For example, if you pull a memory card then blow compressed air into the system, them dust can get into the female side of the MB memory connector. Now you have a very hard/effectively impossible time getting that out.)

Notwithstanding, good luck.


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Feb 26, 2006
I did that ONCE, the static electricity from the vacuum hosed my hard drive. I had to re-install Windoze 3.1.

heh...I killed a motherboard and video card all at once...