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Question Windows lost its boot-ability. Troubleshoot->cmd prompt see's C:\ moved to D:\


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Feb 22, 2001
After spending way too much time with various ideas that didn't work, I ended up xcopying the contents, then wiping and re-installing.

I always leave my machine on.
This morning, I went to wake it up and it wouldn't.
I proceeded to turn off/on and the machine said something about couldn't find bootable disk.
I repeated with same results.

I removed all my disks ( 2 ssd's and a secondary nvme ) and left only my known NVME drive connected.

I reboot windows and I see

1. Windows boots into the "Please Wait..." screen
2. Windows asks me to choose keyboard layout
3. I tried Troubleshoot->Startup Repair and it fails "... couldn't repair"
4. I try TroubleShoot->CMD Prompt and it gets interesting.
It drops you into X:\
I go to C: and see an empty drive (!) labeled RECOVERY
I go to D: and.. it's my main boot drive... all files look intact.

Is there something I can do to tell Windows to switch where it thinks the boot is onto D... or switch the D back to C ?
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