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Windows file copying and using robocopy for cloning network drives


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Jun 6, 2008
Hi to all. You know that using the traditional copy/paste function won't cut it for copying a drive with 8TB into another. It will just give all sorts of problems or it might just stop in the middle. I bought a new Synology box to use as my new NAS drive (It is the DS1618+ model specifically). What I'm trying to do is copy the entire contents of my old NAS to this new DS1618+ box. Of course I need some robust file copying for this. That's why I decided to use robocopy for this. I don't want to use it in the command prompt, so I searched for a GUI. I found Cinchoo Eazycopy, which actually turned out to be a very neat software for a gui for robocopy. However, I can't get it to work with whole drives. If I select folders--no matter how large--it will just work and copy each and every bit of data to the new destination. With drive letters, it will allow me to select them but when the copy process starts it will give me the "destination not found" error. I thought I had to run the software as an admin, but when I did that the network drives will NOT even appear in the program drop-down list. Only local drives will be there. Anybody familiar with this robocopy gui who can help me? It is not like robocopy can't copy or clone entire drives into others. Please check this image to see the error:

The Z: and X: are my network drives.

Sidenote: Microsoft own richcopy will also work, but for some reason it will just quit ( I think it is a bug) after some time. It succesfully copied 30% of the data. And like I said Cinchoo eazycopy also works when I select each folder individually, but that's little time consuming. I just wanna run the copy process one time overnight and come next morning and see it finished.



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Jun 5, 2008
Is it possible to clone the drive with an imaging program? If so Macrium Reflect Free is pretty darn good for imaging.

I have Teracopy installed for copying files but I've never attempted anything close to what you're doing.

I know very little about about permissions but it might be worth looking into if the admin account has permissions to those drives. I don't know why they wouldn't (for security?) but I don't know squat about NAS. Hopefully someone else knows.


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Dec 10, 2019
Hi iamgenius

Eazycopy is a good solution but I personally tried program called gs richcopy360 in my company , I think it is the cheapest Enterprise program I had used , smoothly work with NAS , it has some more features like copying open/locked files and has a GUI interface and a lot of other options , Just google gs richcopy360 and read the manual .