Windows 8 to 7 rollback on Gateway SX


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Jun 19, 2012
I have a Gateway SX2840 that I recently upgraded to Windows 8. It has turned out to be a BIG mistake since I am having serious problems with many things that I cannot seem to fix such as unable to view the contents of My Computer or Control Panel (it just opens a blank folder with nothing in it), unable to see image thumbnails (no matter what options I adjust and folder options are always grayed out), unable to mount my tablet, unable to perform file searches - folders just lock up, a seriously worse UI - I have to invoke 3-4 steps to access what used to take me 1 step in Windows 7 etc. etc.

Rather than spend hours trying to figure out what is wrong it's easier for me just to rollback to Windows 7 which was working perfectly.

This desktop did not come with media but I heard there is a recovery partition on the drive. Does anyone know how I can go about creating an CD or DVD from the recovery partition so I can re-install Windows 7?


Aug 22, 2001
Make sure you back up your system first.

Recovering from the hard drive during startup
To reinstall Windows Vista and all pre-installed software and drivers:
1. Turn on your computer, then press FN+ALT+F10
during startup. Gateway Recovery Management
2. Click Restore system from factory default.
3. Click Next to continue. Your hard drive’s original,
factory-loaded contents are recover

The instructions mention Vista, but it should restore whatever operating system shipped with your desktop.