Windows 8, How To End apps from metro UI

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by Compman55, Nov 3, 2012.

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    When opening internet explorer or whatever from the metro UI, how do you quit, or get to a menu?

    Also how do you get to windows update?
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    Mouse to left side, right click on app and select close. Windows update is under settings->Change PC Settings.
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    #1: Mouse to the top of the page, click and hold for a second, drag the screen to the very bottom of the window and release. Similar with a touch screen, touch at top edge for half a second, drag to bottom edge of screen.
    #2: Hover mouse over upper left corner then move mouse directly downward to show Metro task bar. Right click on entry you want to close and click close. With a touch screen, swipe in from left edge then quickly out again on left edge to bring up the task bar. Drag entry to very bottom edge of screen to close. You can also drag to the bottom edge with the mouse to close.
    #3: Alt F4

    Get to menu (assuming you mean additional options):
    Mouse: right click somewhere on screen. Menu appears at bottom.
    Touch: swipe up from bottom edge of screen.

    Also, not that IE10 Metro does not have many of the configuration options. You'll have to go to Internet Settings in control panel or run IE10 in Destktop mode to get to the config settings. Changes in IE10 Desktop will carry over to IE10 Metro.
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