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    WINDOWS 7 (64) Pinnacle Studio 14 HD Ultimate / Q6600 2.4 GHz / 8GB DDR2 I go again...
    I recently wiped my HDD Clean of Windows XP (32) and installed Windows 7 PRO (64). After loading all the 64 Bit drivers and software, hardware, back onto my computer, it was working fine and I created a restore point. (so I thought, I did not know it still would not be there when I recently needed it)
    One software program in particular, pinnacle Studio 14 HD Ultimate was working without a hitch, then while in the middle of editing a project, The Titles and motions disappeared and i ended up with exclamation pints...only studio users would d know what I'm taking about. I saw "STUDIO NOT RESPONDING ..."STUDIO PROGRAM FILE HAS STOPPED WORKING"
    I noticed the screen turned a transparent white, and also the NOT RESPONDING at the top of the program glared me in the face.

    I went to Control panel and tried to REPAIR, did not work, so I tried to uninstall the program, and it would not let me. So I downloaded as per Pinnacles Support team told me, a uninstaller program named REVO Uninstaller Pro, that took some, but not the main program off, I then manually removed files from WinExplorer. I then downloaded RegDelete_14,that also helped a little. I then tried the Windows Install Cleanup.

    I went into the registry (carefully) and manually removed any instances of Pinnacle, pinnacle studio 14, etc. Booted up, Ran CHKDSK/F in DOS mode. Then MSCONFIG, and looked into Services, but no studio was there.

    I then tried to install Studio 14 HD with the install disks, but it told me a few error messages like "System Administrator has set policies to prevent this installation", I turned OFF the (UAC) User Account Control off. Another message while trying to install was , "Another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version, use add/remove programs on the control panel."

    So, so now, I gave up on Studio 14, and downloaded the 30 day trial of Studio 15 HD. After a two hour download, it successfully runs with no problems.......EXCEPT. One minor blurp while doing some working on a file, I noticed the NOT RESPONDING again!

    I noticed this when I'm on other websites, it just displays that annoying NOT RESPONDING message.

    What could cause this? Thank you!
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    It may be hardware problems, specifically your HD. Are you using an SSD? How is your HD SMART data?
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    Windows displays "Not responding" if your Hard drive is thrashing and doesn't update the status of the window in a certain amount of time (especially if you start clicking on the top of the window).

    Many times if you are just patient, the not responding will go away and everything will go back to normal. When it does it, listen for your HDD and see if it sounds like its crunching away, I would guess it is. If so, just wait....or get an SSD/better hard drive.

    EDIT: Also, regarding vtx1300's post: I implied it in my original post, but just to make it clear, if it IS just waiting for system resources, it is not "hanging" (I suppose it depends on your definition of "hanging" I suppose) or frozen or stuck, it is simply waiting for the resources to become available from the computer.
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    You still have traces of registry entries there somewhere. I'd so a search for any pinnacle keys. If won't hurt you at this point as you may need to blow this install away anyway.