Question Windows 11 stays in game mode. It thinks youtube needs game mode. Driving me crazy


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Jan 28, 2005
Computer connected via HDMI to a TCL 4K TV. Running windows 11 pro

I can't get game mode to stop. No matter what I do in windows 11 , it still stays in game mode. I dont even game!!. It thinks youtube needs to be in game mode no matter if I set game mode off or not. It toggles back and forth like some crazy disco dance show, flashing the screen. It tells me switching to game mode. I'm fed up with this krap. The only way I can get it to stop is to set the 4K TV to HDMI 1.4. That's bad because HDMI 2.0 offers a better picture with the settings it supports.

Yes, I tried the simple turn off game mode in settings. Nothing . It still switches to game mode like a crazed banshee
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