Question Windows 11 Install across 3 drives


Junior Member
Jun 13, 2023
I will be putting together a new PC later this week to replace my 11 year current PC. Installing Windows 11 Pro.

Is there a way during the installation process to have the Windows installer install the OS on C:, program files on D:, and data on E: (data being My Documents, My Pictures, etc.). My current PC is set up in this manner but was done so when I originally installed Windows 7 years ago so I don't recall the method, and even if I did, it likely no longer applies with Windows 11.

I find this easier for doing backups, and probably more importantly, when I inevitably need more disc space, it is also easier for me as I don't have to worry about migrating the O/S onto a larger disc when my data or programs start to fill up the drive.