Windows 11 and multiple users may be buggy


May 19, 2011
A couple of things I've noticed (this is on two different PCs with clean Win11 Pro installs):

1 - Create a new user, sign in as that user, right-click on the Start menu and click on 'Windows Terminal'. It tells you wt.exe can't be found, which is really odd since it's located in and directly run from C:\Program Files and it works fine for the first user. I think signing out and back in as the new user sorts this one, the problem seemed to go away with that kind of timing, but I'm not aware of any reason why it should have happened in the first place.

2 - I'm not entirely sure what's going on with this one, but I suspect it's an issue with roaming profiles and a user with a Win10 >1607 profile already on the server (a 'V6' profile), but I was seeing multiple issues this morning, one being that user settings evidently were disappearing into a black hole between login sessions (which is really odd since they should still exist locally), and the other issue that the Windows Security Center refused to load. Windows would ask if you wanted to look in the Store for an app that can open a windowsdefender link. I googled for this one and lots of people with pre-release versions of Win11 encountered it, but the PowerShell command to reset it didn't help because Windows claimed the package wasn't installed (yet works fine for the original administrator of the PC, and yes the domain user with the roaming profile has local admin privs). I also tried a command to supposedly install the package but it said that it couldn't be found online.

There weren't any user profile service errors or notifications for the settings being blackholed problem (it's intermittent as well), but my take-away for that issue in future is to take out any V6 user profiles before the migration to Win11. For now I'll see how things go for that user and if they encounter the kinds of problems I experienced today, I think I'll recreate their user profile.
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