Question Windows 10. Reset PC and now everything is a mess.


Jan 6, 2011

I have Windows 10 Pro, with a SDD and HDD.

Few days ago... I performed a 'reset my pc', i've done both options, "keep my files" as well as "remove everything", performed both because the first time I reset, accidently powered my PC off.(Not sure if having 2 storage options could have created errors)

I preformed this reset because I was streaming on OBS and ran into a webcam issue, no matter what I did, unplugging and reinstalling, my webcam never turned back on. Even reinstalled OBS, nothing worked.

After doing a complete reset I ran into some sound management issues with my Blue Yeti mic, it would constantly disable and enable itself, Had to restart my PC for it to stop. Continues if I change any settings on the Blue Yeti.

Fast forward to the problem now.

I ended up deleting all partitions in Windows installation screen and pretty much reinstalled windows 10.

I'm running into an issue where I cannot see my HDD under my computer. The first time I made the PC i was able to assign a drive quite easily. Why is this?
Anyway, I did a google search and went to computer management to try and give it a drive letter but has no options for me to do that. Only allows me to convert to dynamic and mbr disc. HDD is detected on disc 0, unallocated.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Thanks.

p.s. my old windows 10 key is not working, any work around for this?

My PC Specs just in case....

Windows 10 Pro
AMD 3900x
MSI x570 Gaming Plus
Samsung EVO Plus 500gb
Corsair Vengeance 16gb
RTX 2070 Super


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Mar 29, 2001
Try this-Convert Disc 0 to a GPT format then select a single volume if that remains available.
You can press Shift-F10 on the drive selection screen to access diskpart during the Windows install. Once you do that and run diskpart, you ought to be able to hit Shift-F10 again to select the drive to format it and continue with the install.
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