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Question Windows 10 Memory Integrity - Performance Impact


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Aug 7, 2009
So with all the Windows 11 TPM stuff floating around, I did some poking around my setup and found that I am pretty much already configured to be TPM 2.0 compliant. But I also started poking around Windows 10 regarding device security settings related to secure boot and TPM and found the Memory Integrity feature.

It seemed like something that may affect performance so I decided to benchmark it.

Surprise! It does.....sometimes. Usually not by much.


In severely GPU limited situations there is no impact, as shown by the Time Spy Graphics score. The API feature test and the Night Raid/Time Spy CPU score is markedly lower as is the Night Raid Graphics score. But the CPU Profile scores are only slightly lower. I ran Rainbow Six with my actual game settings (mix of medium and high settings) as opposed to the low preset to see how it would actually impact me and not some simulated CPU limited situation. And the average/min/max FPS were pretty much identical. The frame time plots were also identical.

If anyone has a full version of AIDA64 I would be curious if there is an impact to memory bandwidth and latency.