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Question Windows 10 editions of version 21H1 will receive 18 months of servicing ?


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Nov 20, 2010
Is it worth updating to this version now - Seems there's no KB# for this sequential update ?

I will do a 3rd party system backup using Macruim Reflect v8 before attempting this MS Win 10 upgrade - Providing that it installs successfully ;o)

Well it seems it did update without a hitch. The 21H1 was a small in-coincidental update where as on reboot you're optioned with a 2021-05 Cumulative update Preview for Windows 10 v21H1 for x64 based systems (KB500314). I normally do not get into previews but WTF I have a resent backup - so I gave it a go ;o)

KB500314 took a while to download and install after several reboots and running Disk Cleaner, CCleaner and sfc -scannow added approx another 1.6 GB's to my Win C: partition without incidents.

Got a Weather indication in a new Taskbar for my location - Seems MS does NOT know where you are if you invoke a VPN. I find this feature more of a NAG then useful. You can Rt-Clk the Taskbar and under "News and interest" - Turn the feature OFF.

System seems fast and smooth so far - Really not tempted to back it up till I got a week or two on her.
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