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Question windows 10 cloned to ssd into new pc


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Nov 23, 2004
Not sure if this is the right forum or not.
Here is my situation. I have a Dell workstation that I have been using for 8+ years at work. I have 10's of thousands of files, pictures, shortcuts to other drives and networked PC's.
This is a very dirty workplace and carbon get everywhere. So, I bought a new MB with fanless CPU. 5 case fans to keep it positive pressured. ASROCK J4105M and a Western Digital SSD.
I used the included software to clone the drive from the Dell to put into the new build. The ssd works flawlessly in the dell when I remove the original HDD. The Asrock recognized the cloned drive but won’t boot into windows. Only goes into the UEFI screens.
when I clone the drives the software wont let me keep the GPT file format and Clones it MBR. Ok I guess I understand that. I have tried converting it using windows command prompt. The disc validates but the conversion fails. The new MB does not support BIOS it is UEFI only.
I know a fresh windows install is recommended but I am very limited on time and really cannot take the time to move all my files and reinstall all the apps. We are actually still running a FOXPRO database that was built in the late 90's.
I am open to buying a new windows key if that will do the trick, and I am willing to fight driver issues for a few weeks/months if that is what it takes.

This is the first PC I have assembled in over 15 years so, Is what I am trying to do possible?


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Aug 25, 2001
when I clone the drives the software wont let me keep the GPT file format and Clones it MBR.
Get better / up-to-date cloning software. Your partitions should be cloned over in their default mode, GPT to GPT, or MBR to MBR. It shouldn't be converting them, unless you explicitly specify.