Windows 10 Clean Install (UEFI) Won't Post.... "we think you may need an update"


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Nov 13, 2004

Recently I've been experiencing slow performance and freezes with my computer, I'd decided to do a clean install since system recovery/restore didn't solve the issue.

The installation process took a long time and after it restarted, and it got stuck at "setting up your device screen" for a while. Then I see a blue screen showing something along the line of "Your PC has restarted. Setup can't complete. We think an update may resolve the issue".

I didn't encounter this issue the first time I'd install windows 10 but that was from a CD and in Legacy mode.
I'm not sure if it's the SSD since i feel the performance it's very slow even before the crash (Windows would take almost 30 minutes and sometimes longer to boot)... or if it's the BIOS update which supports Kabylake processor.

Below are my specs and different settings I'd try.

1) The USB installation was created from Windows Media Creation Tool downloaded from Microsoft website.
2) Only the SSD install and I'd try different SATA ports and Cable.
3) BIOS was updated to the latest firmware. Reset the BIOS to optimal default, and made sure it's in AHCI mode. I'd try both Legacy + UEFI boot option and just UEFI by itself.
4) Enabled Windows 8.1 / 10 WHQL support.

MSI Z170A-Pro Solution
Sandisk SSD Plus 240GB
2x 8GB G.Skill Ripjaws V (3000 mhz)
Gigabyte 750TI low profile 2GB

Any help it's greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


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Aug 22, 2001
Try one stick of ram at a time and in each slot if necessary. It definitely reads like you have failing hardware. The SSD may be the culprit too. Also good to check temp and voltages in the hardware monitor.


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Nov 13, 2004
CPU/System temps are fine around 30C. No overclock.

I'll try the ram suggestion... but the motherboard has the EZ Debug LED for the cpu & ram and I don't see it light up.
I don't have a spare hd or funds to replace the ssd at the moment.

This is my first time trying to install from UEFI.
I don't know maybe there's some setting in the BIOS i need to enable or disable.