Info Windows 10 20H2 Installing the ghost of Intel devices from the ISO.


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Oct 10, 1999
I kind of anal when it comes to installing the OS on my rig. I recently used the media creator to make the most recent ISO that was available at the time.
When I viewed the device manger and enabled show hidden devices there were hidden Intel devices installed on my fully AMD rig. Using the system
restores reset this pc function doesn't reinstall them luckily. I know many will say it won't hurt anything....But being anal about the OS install I'll always
have my doubts.

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Oct 25, 1999
So... it is all AMD?? But then, One installs a Wireless card (as an example), or something else that has Intel chipset in it (might be that the user is even aware of it) and then what???

So.. You are a an Executive of a Wildly used product that 80% of its user do not know anything about what is in the "Engeen Room" and just want it to do what functionally they need it to do. You also have 1% of the users that complain a lot about important issue, but also are swift away with Really irrelavnt make beleive issues.

So.. what would you do ????????????

While I am 50 years living every day with Computing. My first personal in office computer was the PDP8. It was the first commercially successful minicomputer 50 years ago;

In contrast I have no idea which chipset is in my car hardware computer, and what is the brand that makes of the LEDS of my Car's information panel. Regardless, the car takes every day safly and fast to work.