win2k will install, but not XP pro


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May 2, 2003
I just installed an Asus K8V deluxe and athlon 64 3000+ into my comp, and went to reinstall windows xp professional. However, after starting to boot from the cd, the screen just goes completely blank and all drive activity ceases. The windows 2000 installer will start up no problem. It does not matter whether I try xp home or xp pro, I get the same effect.

My system is as follows:
athlon64 3000+
asus k8v deluxe
2x 512mb corsair xms pc3200 cas2
radeon 9800np
audigy 2 zs
2x maxtor 120gb diamondmax plus9

Any insights into the matter would be greately appreciated.


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May 1, 2001
Do you have a good sturdy PSU in there - ATI has recmmendations when using that power hungry card? Have you run the XP compatibility test? Someone you know may have it (you could pick one up lots of places when XP first came out) on CD or you can DL it from the M$ site - but it's pretty big if you don't have wideband. It may point to something that needs to be adjusted.
. And there are readme files on the XP install CD that may point to some BIOS settings you can adjust. Or there may be some settings that may need to be set in order to get XP to install as the 64 didn't exist when the XP install disks were made. Look for something in the knowledge base on the M$ site, on the mobo driver CD or in the mobo manual or other paperwork that came with it.