Question Win11 HDD move to new computor


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Feb 16, 2023
Hi all.

I have a computer which I want to upgrade CPU, mobo and ram in. I am thinking individual components or just buying a pc without HDD, os or GPU as I have all them.

The hardware side I am comfortable dealing with. My question is, if I remove the HDD and GPU from old computor and put them in a new computor, will windows 11 break? It's intel to intel. I do not want to do a reinstallation of windows. I will at some point but cannot atm.

I have searched online, but answer appear inconclusive and hit and miss.

If it's possible, any recommendations, like driver removals?

Thanks for any help


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Oct 23, 2014
Both Win10 and Win11 are fairly tolerant of system changes. It will update the drivers and boot to desktop. Re-activation may be necessary, but the computer should run fine.

Depending on the type of Windows installed, you might want to create a Microsoft account to get your Windows activation attached to your account. That will make it easier to reactivate it on new hardware.


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Feb 26, 2006
I went from a pre-built i7-9700k rig to a me-built i5-13600k rig...dropped in the NVMe boot drive from the old pc, ta-da! Windows 10 was just fine. Since I was selling the old pc, and the IS was tied to that hardware, (oem9 license) I went ahead and bought another Windows 10 license for the new rig. It was simple to change the reg.