Win 7 superfecth/prefetch in hybrid system (SSD + HDD)

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by beginner99, Apr 12, 2012.

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    I've read a ton of stuff about this but no one seems to have a clear answer. It is in general recommended (also by intel ssd toolbox) to turn superfetch and prefetch off if you have an ssd. But I also have applications, especially games, on a normal HDD. So therefore I believe I would benefit from these technologies.

    Also some people claim superfetch does nothing even if it is turned on if it determines that the drive is fast enough. With "the drive" I assume the OS drive is meant.

    Has anyone here played around with superfetch settings? (eg 0,1,2,3)

    I'm also uncertain what the downside of superfetch is? I mean RAM i still much faster than an ssd so why turn it of at all?
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    Superfetch consumes I/O bandwidth. If you have a situation where minimizing I/O bandwidth usage is important (e.g. large-scale VDI, remote iSCSI volumes, etc.), disabling Superfetch may improve performance. Otherwise, I don't see any reason to disable it.
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    The Windows 7 blog has a post about what they did to support SSDs in Windows 7, and in there they mention that Windows itself may disable SuperFetch on an SSD if it's fast enough.

    I am of the mind that this is just one of the many completely unneeded SSD "optimizations". Just leave it alone and you'll be fine.
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    Leave it alone, cuz Windows will disable readyboost, and probably disables readyboot as well for the SSD and the HDDs will keep readyboot and readyboost on. :)

    more things you touch more chances of crapola going on so listen to this post brother.

    thx gl
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    superfetch and disk defragmenter ignore SSDs drives. You may leave it on, it will work on hard drives that you have on system.