Will you be surprised if the Iraq occupation cost goes up?

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Feb 13, 2010
I sure as hell won't. he's installing 100k new private contractors, an embassy bigger than the Vatican, multiple bases, and more private contractors are going to be on their way. He's sending almost all of the former soldiers in Iraq into Pakistan or Afghanistan and possibly Iran.

The private contractors get paid much more than soldiers do.

This worthless piece of shit tyrant in the Oval Office has cost us more American lives and money than Osama Bin Liden has.

He hates America, he's trying to get the enemy to bankrupt us and kill us in every way possible, from sanctions on NK/China, to occupying more than Bush did, all of which endangers our national security and the lives of the American citizens.

Does anyone see this differently than I do? The only excuse (which isn't a good one) to continue occupying Iraq, is that they can't help themselves. But if they can't help themselves now, then why would they be able to help themselves in the future? They have a strong nationalist there, with ties to iran's shiite community, which means that if we continue occupying, then they will team up with Iran to kill us.
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