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Will MSI Afterburner damage the GPU if overclocked and failed one time?


Oct 15, 2002
Hi guys, I am currently trying out cryptocurrency mining and I am using MSI's Afterburner to manage my GPUs. My initial setup has 2pcs. MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X.

I tried overclocking the two 1070's using Afterburner once by setting the Core Clock to +100Mhz and Memory Clock to +100Mhz (I did not change the Power Limit and the Temp. Limit, both at default value of 100% and 83 degrees Celsius respectively) and it worked real-time with no problems, hash rate went up by around 4%.

I then tried overclocking further adding +500 to both Core Clock and Memory Clock, after that the GPU suddenly "failed" so I reset the clocks to default settings and it worked again.

Finally, I tried overclocking the second time, but this time I put the Power Limit and the Temp. Limit to max setting (126% and 92 degrees Celsius respectively) and then set the Core Clock and Memory Clock to both +150Mhz. again and everything is stable.

I would like to know, will I damage the GPU on that one instance of overclocking and it failed? I never changed the voltage as Afterburner is not allowing me to adjust the voltage. Also, why is the temperature not rising that when overclocking at +150Mhz.?

Also, what is the most stable frequency for Core and Memory Clock for MSI's 1070 Gaming X cards?

Thanks in advance for any replies!


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Mar 19, 2005
Don't sweat it, you wont damage your card through software voltage adjustments and overclocking as long as thermals are in check.

The most stable frequency depends on ASIC quality, but most seem to be able to do at least 2GHz core and +300 mem. You can probably get memory higher without crashing but keep an eye on performance, it will start to actually go down before becoming unstable as ECC becomes overwhelmed.
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