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Will Gary Johnson pull votes from Obama or Romney?

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Oct 17, 2002
I got into a big discussion with some people that were basically saying 'get obama out of office at all costs' and said I shouldn't vote for Johnson because he has no chance and it's just taking a vote away from Romney.

Johnson was voted in as governor, twice, in a state that is 2-1 democrat. With as many 2008 Obama supporters unhappy with their pick as there is, I'd think GJ could pull those voters in greater numbers than anywhere else. Obama democrats won't likely vote republican, but they might vote 3rd party with GJ being an option.



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Jan 30, 2005
I agree with none of the above, but if you insist on voting, don't vote for Johnson. He has no chance at all. Just vote for Obama if you insist on voting.

Then go buy some guns and a couple of years worth of canned food because the right is liable to crash our economy completely if Obama wins.
Nov 29, 2006
You are looking at the election backwards.

Romney and obama are pulling votes from Gary Johnson.
Ha. Pretty true in reality.

Just vote for who you really want. If all the people who are like your work friends voted Johnson instead of Romney because they figured it was a wasted vote maybe the 3rd party would finally be strong enough to contend with the big 2.

"Voting Johnson is a wasted vote for Romney to get ebil Obama out of the white house" sounds like a slogan the GOP cooked up.

Arent you guys tired of voting for the lesser of two evils? Maybe stop playing the game they want you to play?

But you all know your vote doesnt count anyways*. You are all smart enough to figure that out. Right?

*excluding swing states :p


Dec 18, 2010
"Voting Johnson is a wasted vote for Romney to get ebil Obama out of the white house" sounds like a slogan the GOP cooked up.
After bill clinton and obama, I doubt I will ever vote for a democrat. I do not understand why the democrats even have a party?

When bill clinton did his flip-flop on nafta, I knew it was a waste of time to vote for the 2 major parties. So since the 1990s I have been voting straight line Libertarian Party.

After george bush sr and jr, and ronald regan, why do people vote republican?

George jr approved the use of torture, what kind of person does that to another human being?

Between romney and obama, I see no real difference.
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