Question Will CPU supplies return? Ryzen 2700 (or replacement?)

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Oct 10, 1999
"The Outer Limits" Great show btw. I have to agree. People tend to use logic and think rationally. Buying a 2700 today for the same price or more than a newer Ryzen cpu is neither rational nor logical when you think objectively. I don't think there is one positive use case anyone can come up with.
Makes a person wonder what the real intention of the thread was/is.

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Jan 1, 2011
Micro Center rules. I bought 4 2700x CPU's for $130 each last fall. I picked up great bundle deals on new x370 strix boards they were blowing out with them too. I've gotten a handful of amazing open box deals there over the years. I grabbed an RX 470 8 gig for $13 and a 1070 ti for $170 last year. I've picked up multiple b450 boards for less than $25 with bundles.

The store is right by my office so they tend to get a lot of my disposable income.

Microcenter does rock, they are pretty good at keeping things in stock and have competitive prices (and price matching vs. Amazon and Newegg). In this era of online shopping I think it's really nice to just be able to walk into a store and walk out the same day with a product, and bring it back for service or returns if you need to. And it's a lot simpler to swing by to pick up really simple stuff -- like case fan cable splitters or a replacement AM4 retention bracket, to name a couple things I picked up recently. And they have their own store brands to see quality products at lower prices than the big name brands. There's "Inland" for peripherals and SSDS, and "PowerSpec" for power supplies.

One complaint I have though is that it's taken forever for them to list the Ryzen 3 3100 and 3300X. I checked today and they FINALLY have 3300X at least listed -- it's out of stock of course though, and still no sign of the 3100. I'm guessing that really is more of an AMD supply side issue though.
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Come on guys.
This is still a dog-pile on the OP.

It's now locked.

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