Will (BLACK) Background save more Battery Life > White?

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    To extent my Battery Life to the Maximum: I had changed my Windows's Default
    (Black-on-White) background to the (Green-on-Black) terminal looks in the Apple II days.
    Logic dedicate that I should save more Battery life since 90% of my desktop is now DARK,
    with only 10% Text in light-green.

    However, doesn't LCD works by "Blocking the white-backlight" to simulate Black?
    Which means the White-lightbulb is always on, only the molecular-twisting of LCD filament
    is blocking the white light.....If so, I don't save anything using that 80's background right?

    Any comments?

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    Yes, the backlight is on in the back no matter what, that is why the contrast ratio on any LCD can not compare to a CRT, because some backlight still bleeds through thus it can not produce true black. OLEDs coming to the laptop market in about 5-10 years work different, each pixel produces its own light, and black ones are simply off. So, in OLED case it would save battery life, but in LCD's case, you are just blocking the backlight.

    The only way to save battery life: Lower the screen brightness, advanced users undervolt their CPUs for extra runtime.