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WiC servers shut down, looking for fun players


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Dec 28, 2015
I picked up the WiC: Soviet Assault CD at an office store this year, excited to replay the game (particularly the multiplayer) with the bonus of the xpansion. After a few days I popped in the CD, and installed. To my joyous surprise, when I launched the game I was greeted with a message saying that although they are intending to shut down the multiplayer servers, they were still running. Especially after the worldwide GameSpy shutdown, and EA shut down ALL of their C&C servers, this is very welcome surprise - a second chance to enjoy the game I love. and OMG the graphics and Gameplay! TOP NOTCH! :D

There was usually one populated server from 9am- 6pm UTC -7 (Us mountain) until it went dead after 6pm. Anyway, After joining and thoroughly enjoying my first game I realized something odd was going on. The players were very rude, pushy. 5 minutes into my second game I was vote kicked because they literally didn't like my play style or unit selection. I played this game in 2008, and had to have at least a round or two on MP mode to warm up. (I'm a very devout team player; I'm not a lazy / AFK / non-team player). Almost obsessively, they would kick me when re-joining just because - (once I was "AFK" while moving my units to garrison buildings). Come to find out, this server was run by a clan / guild with a website - no English sections. No info on the server name of who the clan players were (maybe PRO-K). "Frankie38" was one of the members in particular to straight up harass me. Along with PRO-K Bravo, ACTIV KungFury, Faer^AETHER, etc. TROLOLOLOLLL and a gentlemen's insult / pising match was one thing. They physically were keeping me from playing a game I paid for - line crossed. MY SECOND MATCH! Talk about ppl who can't calm down and enjoy something - I'm thinking much needed time out for the kiddies?

For a game's multiplayer so clearly on it's last legs, you would expect people to be welcoming since they barely had enough players to fill a server. They abused votekick privileges because I would not play what they COMMANDED me to, and they got their friends to vote against me (without typing in chat; clan buddies were voting yes because they were in the same clan). This goes beyond normal insults and trolling in online games - they were choosing to remove me from the game I have a right to play for no reason ( THIS is why you don't allow 5 out of 16 players to kick someone!!! Bias!). There was no alternative server to play on, and they knew that. I eventually just dropped the game 3 months ago, launched it today to find the portal has been shut down. Thank god! I have never EVER participated in a community of such nasty and players so jaded, they only let those approved on the Jedi Council play. Massgate hosted their own servers, there were 6-8 total yet they would only playe on their server forcing anyone they didn't like to quit playing the MP component. (saw votekicks for lots of other ppl too)

TL;DR: The point of this Post:
I am looking for friendly, patient, non-psycho meth addicted , looking-to-have-fun players who wish to go back and relive this great game. Please add me as codysg7 on steam and message me if you would like to play over Hamachi or some other method. I don't care about your skill - only that you enjoy this gem as much as me. So crack open a beer, smoke a bowl, let's play and not let jaded players strangle us and "spoil the bunch". I want to play games, not have self-destroyed bucking-crapping asshats to remove me from my own game.
Now I know what it must of been like to have been bullied in high school! WOOOW!

"Keep Calm and Game On". and add me!


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Nov 19, 2001
I don't get clan members. Used to play Smite regularly, but only on the non-ranked game modes. One game, I happened to get paired with 4 members of a clan. Wow, what fun that was. Nothing they did was wrong, every move I made was. Hey, guys, if you don't like the "casual" play of the non-ranked games, then get the F out of the non-ranked games. Simple solution, don't you think?