Question Why Transcend 220S nvme speed very slow on AMD system?


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Sep 10, 2019
I have tried to benchmark my Transcend 220S. The expected result on the nvme benchmark should be read ~3000MB/s and write ~2000MB/s. But what I got is read/write ~200MB/s. (testing on CrystalDiskMark and HD Tune Pro)

I have tried to flash the new version of BIOS, OC the ram clock, manually set the PCIe in BIOS to Gen3 but, it all could not help. The nvme firmware is also up to date.

Do you have any idea what is the root cause of the problem?

My Gear is
CPU: R3600
GPU: RX5700
MEM: 8*2 DDR4 3000
M/B: Asrock B450 Steel Legend
NVME: Transcend 220S 512GB
OS: Windows10 education 1903

Thank you.


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Sep 10, 2019
Anything interesting in the Event Viewer's system log?

A few kinds of error:

The Distinguished Name in the subject field of your smart card logon certificate does not contain enough information to identify the appropriate domain on an non-domain joined computer. Contact your system administrator.
Source: Security-Kerberos
Event ID: 11

Windows failed fast startup with error status 0xC00000D4.
Source: Kernel-Boot
Event ID: 29

and some kind like rebooting without cleanly shutdown first.


May 19, 2011
I assume you've been properly shutting it down and it hasn't rebooted for no apparent reason. If so, odd. Fast startup issues (which that D4 message definitely is, coupled with "wasn't shut down cleanly") are usually something I'd expect with an older system, pre-Win10 (perhaps even pre Win8x). You can switch off fast startup if you like (in Control Panel > Power Options), it makes little difference on an SSD-booting system. If your system isn't handling fast startup properly, I'd expect those errors in the log for every shut down and boot operation you've performed.

Do you have all the drivers installed that your mobo manufacturer recommends? I'm not aware of any third party ones for NVMe (though my first-hand experience of NVMe is limited to recent laptops I've been ordering), but still, it could be something else that's causing inferior NVMe performance indirectly.


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Sep 10, 2019
Thank you @mikeymikec. I have disabled the fast startup and the error was disappear.

I have contract to the dealer and he said "It should work out-of-the-box" lol.
I think it could relate to a couple things: Driver, BIOS or Windows setting. I will try to test it on Linux.