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Why shouldf Leon Pinhead use double standards when triple standards are much better?

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Lemon law

Nov 6, 2005
As Leon Pinhead rides again, warning that the chicken little sky is falling due to ONLY IRANIAN efforts to use sabotage the US economy by the somewhat unprecedented use of cyber warfare.


As we should all be asking, as US citizens, is Leon Pinhead right or not in warning us about US vulnerabilities to such cyber attacks? And also ask, why should we assume that only Iran and not other nations have motive and opportunity to bring the US economy to its knees by the US of such cyber attacks?

And also ask, why Leon Pinhead as the little boy who somewhat cries wolf magnifies our US vulnerabilities while doing nothing to harden our US defenses. And then worse than that, Leon Pinhead works out of US defense existing government channels by calling on the Chertoff lobbying firm to save us? When Chertoff who used to be the GWB head of homeland security did zero to harden our cyber defenses before.

Or we can ask, how well will the Leon Pinhead message go over in the larger world. As joint US Israeli cyber warfare efforts against Iran, pioneered the world wide cyber warfare efforts and everyone in the world knows it.

As suddenly Leon Pinhead now screams how unfair cyber warfare potentially is is against the USA, when the USA has been using cyber warfare against other nations for five years or better.
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