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Why or why not will Arnold do a good job for California?


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Apr 24, 2001
Personally, I believe he can do well. The economy is due to pick up slightly on a national, as well as state level. C'mon guys, Bush's tax cuts were timed to coincide to pickup the economy near his (re)election... (not just make the rich, richer. That's too easy.)

The fact that Arnold is buddies w/ Bush, gives the possibly of California having some favors. Maybe Bush will lend us or "give back" some money. At the least, Bush will have more vested interest in trying to help Arnold do well, so the Republican party will look good. Because if things don't get better, or possibly even worse, the Republicans will lose California forever in just about any election.

California Democrats can't afford to be seen as bitter losers either, blocking Arnolds changes (if any). Thefore they will be forced to work with each other.

Yah, Arnold is inexperienced, but his supporting cast isn't and the Republican Party isn't that dumb (I think.) He succeeded as a body builder, succeeded as a businessman, succeeded as an actor. So maybe he can actually succeed as governor.

We shall see. :)


Jul 25, 2002
He can do absolutely nothing, or actually worse that Davis - and his StarPower will carry him through.
What he lacks in integrity, knowledge, and ability he makes up for in Celebrity Status.

I have nothing against Arnie, I hope he does well, but I don't expect him to do anything more in Kulifornyah than
Jesse Ventura could in Minne-hota - which was next to nothing.
But he dosen't really have to does he ?


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Oct 11, 2000
he can't do any better than davis either. he needs the cooperation of the legislature.