Why Intel CPUs Are Useless For Gaming


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Nov 6, 2002
I can't understand why anybody these days would buy anything other than computers based on AMD CPUs and motherboards and DDR memory. Am I the only one who realizes that paying less for the same gaming experience is what you are supposed to do? If AMD can offer you the same gaming experience for less then why the hell would you pay Intel more to do the same thing? It just doesn't make a damn bit of sense. I don't want to hear any nonsense about Intel having higher clocked CPUs or CPUs that are more favorable for overclocking. Let me spell this out for those who need it. CPUS ARE FAST ENOUGH ALREADY FOR TODAY'S SOFTWARE AND SOFTWARE IN THE NEAR FUTURE. AMD Athlon XPs are cheaper than Pentium 4s and can do exactly the same thing for gaming. How fast is fast enough? Well, it is safe to say that 1.4ghz or 1.5ghz is fast enough. Why the hell would you want to pay more for nothing!? Don't be an idiot and get over to pricewatch.com and check the prices. AMD wins hands down for gaming. It is not even close!!!!!!!!!!! So after you choose AMD, use the money you save and buy the best sound card and video card, lots of cost effective DDR memory(512 megs), and maybe a kick ass sound sytem,(A real sound system not computer speakers) and maybe even a HDTV. (You sure do save a lot going the AMD route) Who needs Intel other than to force AMD to charge less? I don't.

Build your own PC for gaming. Don't get ripped by some company who knows what is best for them and not you.

I don't work for AMD. I just know what the hell I'm talking about.

P.S Any questions? Just ask. AMD all the way!!!! Right now!!!!!!

P.S 2 As a Republican, I'm feeling real political today. LOL If the Republicans can take over the Congress then AMD can take over the PC Gaming world. AMD fans speak out all over the web. We can win over the masses and defeat the misinformed Intel fans.



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Apr 22, 2001



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Oct 3, 2002
some of us use our PCs for more than gaming ... AMD and Intel CPUs both have their strengths, but I still prefer Intel simply because I see them as being more suited for a wider variety of tasks than AMD chips.

Admittadly it's not as obvious as it used to be in the early AMD days, they've improved a lot.

But my next system will use an Intel chip with an Intel chipset for maximum stability... a quality that many people prefer (especially business users which is what drives the computer market) over the overclocking capabilities, gaming performance, etc.