Why dvdfab HD decrypter *and* DVD ripper???

Discussion in 'Software for Windows' started by redgtxdi, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Feeling a little old school as I certainly appreciate what dvdfab, handbrake and dvdshrink have done in the past but.......dvdfab doesn't really do JUST HD DECRYPTER anymore per se. Now, they instead install everything with expiration dates at which point, they "indicate" that you're only using the decrypter portion when all else expires.

    I wish they just left hd decrypter alone as its own program. Oh well. But I just tried ripping a DVD with the DVD Ripper to see what happens. Well, I don't see how it would work just like decrypter so I went with its default ripping which gives some generic.divx.audiocopy.horsecrap something or another as the rip. (the are no fewer than a couple dozen ways which only confused the Fisk outta me).

    Why both programs?
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    Decrypter just decrypts the DVD, but leaves it in the same format it came in.

    Ripper apparently re-encodes the video in DivX format. Like Handbrake used to do, before they removed it in favor of the better H.264 format.

    If you bought the thing you'd be paying mainly for the convenience of doing both steps with one program.