why does win2k take so long to initialize network connections?


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Jan 28, 2001
this problem has been happening for me on and off for a long time:
when I boot up win2k, the networks are sort of frozen for 2 mins. I can browse the web right off the bat, but the network traffic systray icons don't appear for about 2 mins and if I try to do anything else with the network before they show up, that window freezes.
May 15, 2002
Sounds like your LAN interface is configured using DHCP?

If so, try this:

Open a command window and run 'ipconfig /all'
Copy down the IP address, gateway and nameserver information for your LAN interface.
Open the properties panel for the LAN interface and set all the information manually.
Reboot. If it no longer takes a long time to get the sys tray icons, the delay must have something to do with DHCP.