Why does my hard drive say Dynamic instead of Basic after installing Windows7 Home ed


Nov 14, 2009
Here is my problem
1. Installed new H.D. 750 gig
2. Ran the custom install, chose to partition my hard drive into 4 partitions.
3. Installed Windows 7 Home premium
4. Tried to use two backup programs that I have been using on other Windows 7 machines (Paragon backup 10 and Macrium Reflect). Both did not see any of my partitions. Macriuim saw it but it was grayed out.
5. I could not back up to my external drive G which was the only drive both programs saw.
6. Checked my C, D, E and F partition in computer disk management and says that each partition is set to Dynamic, my other computers say the hard drive is set to Basic.

I was able to use Windows 7's built in System image and backed it up to my external which says it completed sucessfully

1. Where did I go wrong and why is my hard drive set to Dynamic ?
2. What is the down fall of having it set to Dynamic ?
3. should I leave it like that or try to reformat and reinstall everything again which I really hate to do if its ok to leave on Dynamic.
4. Is there a way to convert it to Basic so I wouldnt have to reformat ?

Many thanks


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Jan 12, 2007
It is perfectly fine to leave the disk as dynamic if you will not be installing any other non windows operating systems bare metal.


Nov 14, 2009
1. Ok, but what do I do about using a backup program. I really dont like the built in Windows one since it says you cant pick files from the image to restore and can only do a full system restore. Is there any program other than the two I have been using above that sees Dynamic partitions ?

2. Lastly, was there an option when I originally partitioned and formatted that would have allowed me to choose Basic instead of Dynamic ?

3. And lastly, lastly. Just out of curiousity, if I install another empty hard drive (same size) and format and partition it to basic and restore the image that was created with the Dynamic hard drive, will the new hard drive stay as Basic or will it be converted to Dynamic since the image I am using to restore came from the other hard drive that was Dynamic.

Many thanks again.


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Dec 24, 2005
When you create a Dynamic Disk, the ENTIRE physical disk is made dynamic. That's why all the volumes on your 750 GB disk are listed as dynamic volumes.

I haven't paid much attention to the Win7 Disk Management routines, but, historically, when you go to initialize the disk, you are offered a second checkbox to make the disk dynamic. In XP, it was pretty easy to accidentally check this box.

My recollection is that XP called this an "enhanced" disk, or something like that, that made it sound like a good idea if you weren't paying attention.