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Why do you play video games?

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Jul 30, 2018
I play video games for more than just pleasure. Video games are an out of body experience that is well needed during stressful times. Rather than going to drugs and alcohol, some of us go to our computers looking for the same escape that being intoxicated would give.


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Nov 16, 2006
Videogames provide me with what Television and movies provide most people with a few added bonuses:

- VGs are more engaging and require some thought/input over the totally passive act of watching something.

- They're surreal, which adds to the escapism element. The CG graphics add a layer of otherworldliness, which then allows for all kinds of mindbending artistry.

- I build the machines I play my games on, which adds a whole new dimension to the feeling of playing a game and is a hobby unto itself.

- I got a damn Steam Library I got to work through, son! All that money gone to waste if I didn't play some of the damn games I bought!

Nothing wrong with gaming though and I'll echo the sentiment that the people that have a problem with video games are typically the ones that were raised in the "TV is somehow respectable" era or the ones who have seen a mobile gaming (aka gambling) addiction destroy someone's life.

Otherwise when people ask me "why do you play games" I'd just as likely ask them "why do you watch what is essentially the same thing?"
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