Why do MANY Palestininans celebrate death and destruction?


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Jan 10, 2001
From: Yahoo
Thousands of Hamas supporters took to the streets of Gaza to celebrate, as did dozens of Palestinians in the Balata refugee camp near the West Bank city of Nablus. In Balata, masked men set fire to an effigy of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ( news - web sites).

Israeli warplanes flew over Gaza several times Wednesday evening. Israel did not say how it would respond to the attack.


"It is a real shame. These students -- Jews and Arabs, as well as others, mixing together -- were trying to learn and define their lives," said Brazilian ( news - web sites) student Amanda Green, 20.

Some of the injured, their faces streaked with blood, wandered around dazed. One woman sat trembling, her skin charred black and dress shredded into strips, as paramedics treated her.

And of course everyone remembers when the Palestinians cheered and danced upon hearing about Sep. 11

I do not understand why any sane person would support these animals WHOM CELEBRATE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION.
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