Why cant I create a Dial up Network?


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Nov 17, 2000
Hi everone

Thnx for reading

I have an IBM laptop 1.6mghz P4 running Window Xp home edition.

Usually, I am using wireless linksys network connection which connects to the internet via Cable.

I dont have access to cable today and i am trying to create a Dial up connection.

But when i go to Create new connection wizard --> Connect to Internet --> Set up Connection Manually

Then the next step it does not allow me to select Connect using Dial Up modem; the option is grayed out and I cant click on it!

I have a modem. I checked under Deivce manager and its there.
I even tried using AOL (America Offline) and it dialed in, which I then canceled because its AOL.

I tried Juno...and the modem dialed in to get access number and I can hear the modem making the buzzing sounds.

I checked the resources and there are no conflicts! I query the modem and it replied.

But when I set up my Dial up connection Manually, it doesn't work!

Can anyone solve this mystery for me?
I would greatly appreciated!