Why 'Arma 2' Created A New Standard For Shooters

Gizmo j

Senior member
Nov 9, 2013
Arma 2 was the first game to have 3 essential gameplay mechanics:

1. Air/Land/Sea Vehicles
2. Ability to lean left and right
3. Ability to open and close doors

The ability to open and close doors might sound silly, but if you ever played tactical shooters such as the SWAT series, early Rainbow Six series, and the Socom series you would know how doors make a huge difference in gameplay.

The sad thing is, Arma 2 relied on GameSpy for its online multiplayer which shut down in 2013.

Arma 3 however is still active because it uses steam instead of GameSpy, but the problem is Arma 3 is VERY demanding, You'll get about 60% less frames in Arma 3 opposed to Arma 2.

If you dont want to play online I highly suggest getting Arma 2 as opposed Arma 3, not only is the Campaign WONDERFUL but there are many mods to play such as the zombie survival mod DayZ.
Feb 4, 2009
I really want to like ARMA, I cannot get used to the clunky controls and excessive “realism” with pushing whatever key to do whatever monotonous task.


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Jan 2, 2014
Arma really needs a new engine. I've played since the original Operation Flashpoint demo 20 years ago and some of my most memorable online moments have come from it, but the single core limitation kills performance. Haven't been a fan of A3s made up weapons/vehicles either.