Who knows their adhesives/epoxies? Metal to Plastic


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Jul 27, 2006
I have an old washing maching that is regularly stripping out the plastic agitator coupler that connects to the splines of the metal impeller. It's starting to happen as often as every couple of months and I am tired of replacing the $10 agitator coupling. My only conclusion is that the metal splines on the transmission shaft are worn down so it's just not getting a tight grip and eroding away the teeth on the cup until it just spins freely.

I priced a transmission assembly and they are hard to find now. I can get it on Amazon for a little over $500 so I would just replace the washer if it came down to that. At this point I just want to permanently bond the agitator coupling to the shaft. I was thinking JB Weld but I wondered if the shearing strength was going to be adequate, especially if there is something else out there that would bond the plastic and metal together.

Thanks for any ideas.