Discussion Who is most receptive to gamer feedback? Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo?


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Jul 27, 2020
My opinion: Microsoft


Xbox Play Anywhere
Xbox Game Pass
Backward compatibility goes all the way to original Xbox

Sony could be better if they:

took backward compatibility seriously
didn't try to make money every chance they get

Nintendo could be better if they:

took 4K HDR seriously
created a ROM Store with every Nintendo game ever released (ok maybe just first party titles)
OR created official emulators (with authentication for paid customers) for all their past systems and made licensed ROMs available for legit gaming
didn't try to make money every chance they get (I think they are worse than Sony in this regard)
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Nov 14, 2011
Nintendo, because they support handheld gaming. Sony sent the Vita out to die, and Microsoft never even tried.


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Sep 13, 2001
I'm glad Nintendo is having nothing at all to do with 4k. PS5 and XSX can't even come close to getting it right yet. Until we can get 4k @ 60fps I couldn't give two shits about it. And we are nowhere near close to that on the consoles and probably won't get to that this gen IMO, not any time soon while trying to support PS4 and X1 at least. There is just no chance Nintendo's lower powered hardware can come even close to it if consoles that came out 4 years later can't do it.

Switch is by far the best of the 3 consoles IMO. I have all 3 and it gets the most play. That will hopefully change this year and with Elden Ring next week that will change in the near future. But Switch just has more variety of "fun" games and you don't have to worry about if a game will run at 60fps or not or what resolution it is, etc. I don't have to worry about installation and patches every time I turn the console on. I just put in the game card and load it up and am instantly playing. I just like the simplicity.

Serious question though - what does game pass have to do with anything from gamer feedback?

The BC I kind of get but I personally still think that crap is completely overrated. But that is also just my opinion because I've had all of those old systems and played all those old games. It is nice for people who are new to the eco system though, especially since there are hardly any new games this gen as it is, at least there is something to play.

I do kind of agree that Nintendo is probably the worst of the 3 as to listening to gamer feedback. But it's because they don't have to and they are still killing it. Whereas you have MS who just had no clue wtf they were doing with the X1 initially and completely changed their plan. I'm talking about like with the always online stuff, the Kinect, etc. But it was good they listened to gamer feedback and changed a lot of their strategy because they would have been in bad shape if they didn't.

Then I do think Sony listens as well because they would always fire shots at MS and say how they were already doing what gamers wanted, like not always online, not making you pay for online gaming (which now they do lol, but at the time they didn't), etc.
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Jul 27, 2020
Game pass could be a result of gamer feedback. Maybe lots of play testers told the Xbox team that games were too expensive and they wouldn't mind access to hundreds of games for a reasonable monthly fee.

Nintendo is in the best position to do 4K HDR at 60 fps because historically, they have used simpler and cartoonish 3D graphics that don't need that much GPU computing power. They go for cutesy art style rather than realism and it makes even adults go "awwww" because it brings back fond childhood memories of watching cartoons.


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Oct 11, 2005
None of the above, they all suck. We need Sega to come back and save us all.

Sony could be better with VRR, 1440p etc
Microsoft could be better by not buying studios/publishers than cutting off other consoles, MS Store is god awful as always too, the locked WindowsApp install for game pass is also a really sucky move.
Nintendo need to stop closing eshops and barring access to saves files etc.

Sega could do better by releasing a new console & handheld.


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Oct 19, 2001
What do you mean by gamer feedback? How do you classify "gamer"? They all try to maximize profit and adjust accordingly. The results of that have different impacts on various types of gamers, some good, some bad.

Game Pass is a result of MS subscription format which encompasses everything from Office, Azure and now video games. They saw that applying the formula to Xbox was a great way to extract money and not give anything permanent. I'd even argue that MS is still not listening to their customers when they have forced proprietary storage upgrades since the Xbox 360 days up until now. On the other hand, the king of proprietary devices, Sony, has allowed for user upgradable storage Since the PS3. Or the XB1 and newer not working with older controllers since MS licenses the devices by generation. Good luck getting your Xbox 360 Rockband or Guitar hero controllers to work on the XB1 or XBSX.

Not to say that Sony is any better. If anything, their first party dev studios are the ones carrying the torch as far as good will goes. Unlike Activision, Turn 10 or 343, I feel that Naughty Dog, Guerilla and Sucker Punch to name a few care about the community and not about shoving as many micro transactions into their games as possible. Granted Activision is new to the mix but Halo and and especially Forza has turned into a mini-EA style shell with a never ending amount of micro-transactions. The only one that I see any passion for the product is Asobo and Flight Sim.
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