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Who here plays hockey? *update* bought all my stuff!

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Aug 28, 2001
Originally posted by: Dezign
I play roller hockey. :)
You do ?! Sweet. Another asian hockey player... female at that ! ;)

Anyway... if you're playing ice, the most important thing is to get a decent pair of elbow pads. I don't care how good a skater you are, you will fall and you can't have it unprotected. Find ones that extend over toward your wrist area too in case of hacks in your league. Those hurt like a mofo and the cuffs on your glove aren't usually long enough on the underhand side.

You may be able to go without shoulder pads, but as a forward, at least have $25 skimpy pads on... you don't want "incidental contact" to hurt anyway. You won't feel the skimpy ones much so it's not really a bother.

I don't sweat all that much yet my hockey equipment smells pretty bad so I leave it in the garage and practically outdoors. I'd strongly suggest you go with new instead of used. The smell doesn't come from sweat... it comes from bacteria buildup as a result. ;) Well that doesn't paint a pretty picture for my hygiene (at least for equipment) but that stuff isn't easy to wash either. The only thing you can really do is to air it all out after every game.. don't leave it in a pile in your trunk or anything.

I frequent hockeygiant and epuck often for deals.

If you're worried about cost... go with roller hockey instead. It's a slower game but it's also a hell of a lot cheaper and less eq to worry about. My first scrimmage before the league begins is tomorrow night.. I'm PUMPED. http://www.rh71.com/hockey/



Jun 23, 2001
I bought all my Inline stuff from HockeyGiant.com

Used to play inline, stopped once I entered High-School though.


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Dec 4, 2002
rh71, why do you say roller hockey is a slower game? 4-on-4 no icing, makes it a much faster game. At least that's how we play here.

What all did ya get, triumph?

I'm starting to get pumped about my roller hockey games tonite. A game at 8:00 and one at 9:00, w00t, doubel header! Damn rescheduling of games, putting them on the same night. Oh well, more hockey = more fun. :)