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Which wireless keyboard?


Sep 1, 2012
Wireless keyboard -

Have seen recommendations for wireless KBs on the web but I thought I'd post my requirements or desired features and see if anyone can recommend a KB.

  • RF desired but IR acceptable.
  • Back lit.
  • Built in mouse functionality like roller ball or touch pad (that actually work). Light gaming capable. Needs to operate from my lap as I won't be using lap desk.
  • Long battery life - I assume AA or AAA batteries are the best bet? Better than proprietary batteries. Ability to charge the batteries in the KB is good too.
  • I prefer a full sized KB rather than a remote control sized device. I've seen reviews of the handheld devices and iOS / Droid apps but prefer, for now, a full size KB for the family's surfing and light gaming (Roblox and Minecraft).

Other features that I'm forgetting?




Senior member
Aug 1, 2012
I have this and it does the job....


Sorry I missed your requirement about backlight. So guess that won't work.
I have that same one and it does really well when set down. Sometimes on my lap the antenna gets blocked though so I have to figure out where that is to stop it from happening...

Anyway I'm not sure of any keyboards that specifically fit those requirements. Most htpc inclined keyboards that I've come across are made more minimalistic, and definitely don't work well for gaming without a mouse thrown in. I'll keep a lookout still.